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PQASSO - Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations

Sligo CIL is in the process of implementing a new quality assurance system called PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations).


PQASSO has many benefits, principles and values,

PQASSO has been designed for organisations and people who are self motivated by strong values. Some of the benefits, principles and values behind PQASSO are:

  • Putting Services Users at the heart of our organisation
  • Valuing staff and volunteers
  • Better quality of services for Leaders
  • Being a learning organisation
  • Better communication among staff, board members, services Leaders and volunteers.

PQASSO is a straightforward self-assessment, quality assurance system intended to help Sligo CIL to run more effectively and efficiently.

PQASSO will help us take a systematic look at what we do as an Organisation, identify areas where we are doing well and not so well and decide exactly where improvements are needed.

We here at Sligo CIL strive to promote our services, we believe that our Service Users, employees and volunteers  are fundamental to the success of the organisation and value their opinions.

Sligo CIL PQASSO core team will inform the Leaders and employees about the progress on implementing the system.

We welcome new members to the core team as well as any thoughts of ideas of how we can deliver an effective and efficient service. 

Our goal is continous improvement!!