We're currently looking for Volunteers

IT Support Volunteer Officer 

What's Involved
The IT Support Officer Volunteer will join a panel of people who can help us with occasional small IT problems and/or help us with once-off things like setting up new office systems. Tthis could involve:
- monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks of the organisation
- installing and configuring computer systems and software (for example, we are currently considering setting up Viop, so any help/advice would be welcome!)
- diagnosing hardware/software faults and solving technical and/or applications problems
Ideally we would love to have a volunteer on call who is working/qualified in this area and who could help us occasionally when we are stuck OR drop in once every month or two to fix any niggly IT problems. Alternatively someone who could help on a once-off basis with things like setting up a new system would also be much appreciated. THIS IS A FLEXIBLE ROLE THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE A REGULAR COMMITMENT.
What's required for this position:
* Good computer networking and hardware knowledge. * Experience in similar role. *Ability to think logically. *Problem solving skilla.
*Petience, technical operation and interst. * Attention to detail. * Ideally have an IT related qualification
Minimum time commitment: FLEXIBLE
Location: Unit 1-2 Business Centre, Market Yard, Sligo
Age restrictions: Over 18

Companion Volunteer 

What's Involved
- Volunteer companions are needed to establish healthy relationships with individual Sligo CIL Service Users located around Sligo Town and County
-To accompany and assist the Service User in activities of his/her interest e.g. going for a walk, to the cinema, to the café etc.
- Once paired, the volunteer and the service user will meet weekly at a time convenient to both.
What's required for this position
- good interpersonal skills - understand philosophy of independent living - reliable
Minimum time commitment: Flexible, Hours required: 2hrs Weekly
Location of volunteering opportunity: Sligo Town, Gurteen, Grange, Ballintogher, Ballymote, Tubbercurry, Collooney, Coolaney, Rathcormack, Sooey, North Sligo, South Sligo
Age restrictions: Over 18
Volunteer will gain understanding of philosophy of independent living, experience of volunteering with people with disabilities.

Event Support Fundraising Organiser (click link below for details)

The Event Support Fundraising Organisers are responsible for the planning, organizing and delivery of major fundraising events. These could be coffee mornings, street collections or any other fundraising events which the team come up with!
The volunteers will need to work within a team to undertake any necessary tasks during the weeks of preparation leading up to the event.. As the event gets closer, the volunteers will put in whatever time they can give and in the following weeks they can take a break until they plan the next event. THEREFORE THE TIME COMMITMENT IS FLEXIBLE.
The volunteer will need to work as part of a team to organise and deliver effective and memorable events.
What's required for this position
-Understanding of the philosophy of Independent Living. -Ability to prioritise and make best use of time and resources. -Problem solving skills to overcome challenges or constraints towards effective project delivery. -Enthusiastic, dynamic and driven to achieve personal and team goals. -Experience in organising fundraising. -Trustworthy friendly person, enthusiastic and be truly involved.
Minimum time commitment: 6 months
Location of volunteering opportunity:
Sligo, Sligo Town From home
Age restrictions:Over 18